Why do I manage pain? When I can have...

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Where there is smoke, there is fire. Smoke is a symptom and fire is a root issue. What if our first responders only managed the smoke, without ever putting out the fire?In most cases only pain is managed, without addressing the root issues or reversing the damage causing the pain in the first place.As the damaged area gets worse, so the does the pain. When addressing the root issues for Pain Relief, we turn to David Schmidt.David Schmidt's 30 years of scientific research in Regenerative Health technology is OUTSIDE of modern medicine or pharmaceutical drug companies.The chances of your doctor knowing about Regenerative Health technologies are slim to none; Be sure to share this with your doctor.

why do I manage symptoms when I can address the...

Root Issue

Addressing the root issues, provides results you can feel; Without Negative Side-Effects. Watch David's pain relief presentation which includes the topics listed below:*Science Solution
*Brief Overview on X39
*What is Pain?
*Solutions to Pain
*Pain Relief Recommendations
*Contact Information

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Watch the video testimonials of Danny Glover (the actor of Lethal Weapon) get pain relief in 30 minutes from MS. Ariana Dewing's (a ballerina) torn labrum recovery and others.Read the success stories from other people's experiences!You Can't Argue With Results!

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