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Phototherapy is nothing new. When going outside in the sun, the light frequency causes our body to produce Vitamin D.We don't feel it, we don't even know its happening, but when going in for routine blood work, the increased Vitamin D levels show up.This naturally occurring process is called photobiomodulation. David Schmidt the scientist and founder of Regenerative technology took 40 years of research to discover how the body responds to light frequencies for addressing health conditions.What he discovered is astounding.How would you feel about seeing what he discovered, in a FREE No Sales Pitch Overview?Contact me to schedule your FREE No Sales Pitch overview at bretboggs@gmail.com

why do I manage symptoms when I can address the...

Root Issues

Addressing the root issues, provides results you can feel; Without Negative Side-Effects. Watch David's Schmidt present how to address the root issues.Due to a recent FDA rule change, we cannot use the word, Pane. We can use the synonyms.Topics listed below:*Science Solution
*Brief Overview on X39
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Watch the video testimonials of Danny Glover (the actor of Lethal Weapon) get discomfort relief in 30 minutes from MS. Ariana Dewing's (a ballerina) torn labrum recovery and others.Read the success stories from other people's experiences!Can't wait to hear your success story!

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